About us

Being satisfied with the status quo can be dangerous as it allows large companies to profit off our negligence. After making the switch to Linux, our world changed a bit. Open source software gives everybody the opportunity to use software for free, while also being able to contribute to the software, to add to the source code, as well as view it. It protects us and we protect each other.

We are Joanne and Simon, two software engineers from Ohio. We love open source software, including Linux. While we consider them amazing, nothing is perfect so we strive to inform people about the pros and cons of using any type of software or operating system. 

Underlying all of that is technology and hardware. Being updated on the hardware, the development side of things, as well as the end result, the software, is important for both consumers and professionals. Stay with us if you want to learn about technology, computers, operating systems and particularly open source.