Learning how to handle and create software is a struggle for even advanced users and programmers, let alone beginners. The daunting task of writing Hello World in a different language can be stressful. It might seem easy to write in an easy language like Python but is it entirely different in C++? Luckily, we can find an answer to this in mere seconds: we only have to Google how to code _____ in Python and press enter, just like we would when we would look for Casino online România or a random gift for our friend.

We can sometimes complicate matters, particularly when we know something and are used to something. Beginners do not have those problems. They are not molded and they can learn anything and everything because they have no preconceptions.

Programming is difficult but it can be learned in steps so here are the best programming languages to start with.


An object oriented language, C++ is one of those languages which you should not shy away from. It is a language primarily used to write anything from operating systems, emulators, software which is supposed to be fast and interact with the hardware in a rather speedy manner.

Game engines and video games are frequently written in C++. A lot of good code is written in C++.

A beginner might be overwhelmed by the sheer scope of what they could do with C++ but taking slow steps will remedy that. This language can teach a beginner how to handle programming in general so switching to other languages should be easier, in theory.


An open source language, what is not to like? Python is considered the most popular language on the planet and one of the reasons is its simple syntax. Not every language is easy to use, or to write for. Some of them have a complex syntax which complicates the process of writing.

Python is used anywhere, from applications to internet sites. Some popular applications have used Python as parts of its code, like Blender. YouTube and similar sites have parts which work in Python. It is a great starting language for any beginner.


Apple released Swift to the public in 2014 and the public was happy. It is an open source language which takes its roots from Objective C. It is a general purpose language which is best used for Linux and Mac systems. It is relatively easy to use and learn, with a simple enough syntax. 

The downside to Swift is that it is great for Linux and Mac, but not as great on Windows.


Oracle struck gold with Java, making it a language that can work on any system, mobile or desktop, regardless of operating system. Java is an object oriented language and it is great, but one does have to pay a license to Oracle. There are limitations with Java, but diversity isn’t one of them.

These are the best programming languages for beginners to start their programming journey with.

By Simon