We all like technology, at least when we get to reap the benefits of it. Technology keeps us sane, particularly in difficult times when we cannot go outside, or are limited when it comes to socializing. We use it to stay in touch with our friends and family, to play games or use promo codes such as MrQ Promo Code, or we use it in the educational purposes. The last decade has been interesting considering what we got from the world of technology.

Here are the most interesting inventions of the 2010s, some of technology’s greatest success stories.

The Smartphone

Some people damn it, but most use it daily. The smartphone, or rather, a mobile phone, is a device we use to communicate, but also to procrastinate and spend lots of time on anything from videos to highlight reels on various applications. The smartphone is an evolving process, one that took off in the 2010s with Apple’s evolutions of the iPhone and Android phones from companies like LG, Sony, Samsung, HTC and later, Xioami, OnePlus, Huawei and even ASUS.

Smartphones are still evolving, making use of online services and better ARM processors and graphics solutions. It is looking like a bright future for mobile users.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is also an evolving technology but the 2010s, particularly the latter part of the decade, saw more people use VR to consume content, be entertained or even use simulators. VR has many applications, from professional to entertainment. Given that the hardware which powers VR got more powerful, VR also became more accessible to regular consumers who did not want to pay thousands of dollars for solutions which are bleeding edge. There are even relatively affordable VR solutions for mobile users, allowing the majority of the market to enjoy VR content.


This is a controversial technology that became popular in the 2010s, but it is still popular and demands attention, one way or another. With the boom of Ethereum and the creation of hundreds of cryptocurrencies and look-at-me coins, many people became wealthier.

For regular consumers, this meant a lack of graphics cards on the market and inflated prices for those that had the money and fortune to actually get their hands on a card. Cryptocurrencies are still evolving and their future is uncertain, but the concept of decentralized and privacy-driven financial transactions is a good one.

Streaming Services

Streaming became amazingly popular in the 2010s, first with Netflix, and then with other services like Apple, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube, and many more. Streaming to people also became popular, with more people being able to afford hardware to start their own entertainment channels on sites like Twitch or Facebook Gaming, or even YouTube.

Streaming is still popular and more and more people either find entertainment watching TV shows or movies, or have jobs because they can make a living of playing games or sharing their skills or knowledge online.

Advertising and Online Targeting

You search for something, you talk to your friends and your “assistants” pick up on what you were talking about even when they shouldn’t be active and then, lo and behold, you start seeing advertisements about all the things you discussed and searched online. While our privacy is being infringed or rather, while we give it away for free, companies are earning money. Targeted advertisements are annoying and worrying, but their existence means that people have jobs and that there are more challenges going forward, with advertisements and privacy.

We have seen great technological progress in the 2010s. Let us hope that the next decade will be even more interesting. 

By Simon