We all like an operating system that works, which is why we stick with one that does a good job for us. What classifies as a good operating system will vary from person to person, according to their needs. For servers, the best operating systems are those that are stable and can support whichever server-grade hardware is being used.

However, most consumers who play video games or who use Skybet Sign Up Offer stick with Microsoft Windows and have for the past twenty five years or more. Not all Windows versions are great and some of them are still wonky and require workarounds or even removing features in order for them to be stable. Here are the best to worst Windows versions.

Windows 7

This is considered by many to be the best Windows. All of the previous bloatware and bad code was removed when migrating from Vista. Take note, though, Vista was terrible due to bad optimization and loads of errors with user management and the new transparent windows. It was a bit too much for casual hardware.

Windows 7 managed to fix that, while adding useful features like backwards-compatibility, an issue for previous Windows versions. 

Windows XP

When Windows XP was released, the community was surprised, to say the least. It was an operating system which not only looked good but was personalizable to the nth degree. However, not everything was great about it. Even though it was amazing, had a great Start Menu, its wallpaper was and still is iconic, it was limited to 32-bits at start, meaning 4GB of RAM. 

At the time, that wasn’t an issue, because few people had over 4GB of RAM in 2001. 2002 already saw the release of a 64bit professional edition.

Windows 10

Windows 10 made things that Windows 8 made worse, better. The UI, for example, is much better with Windows 10. It was faster than Windows 8 and it did away with most of the touch-based controls that were somehow shipped as default in Windows 8.

But, Windows 10 is notorious for privacy invasion due to Cortana, an assistant which is almost never off unless it is completely removed from the system. Additionally, the system will have to be updated at some point, which breaks over 50% of computers, meaning that professionals will have down time, which simply loses them money.

All of these things combined, could make Windows 10 a good system if one for example, would remove all the bloatware and spyware (such as the Ameliorated edition).

Windows Vista

Vista was beautiful and when used on modern hardware, fast. However, in 2007, it made a lot of people unhappy. It made everything worse from a driver perspective, not to mention the annoying security messages and prompts. It was also dreadfully slow at launch.

Windows 8

Windows 8 is another terrible Windows, shiny, but completely nonsensical when it comes to navigation, controls and the Windows Store. It was one of those experiences that users either skipped or uninstalled after trying.

These are some of the best and worst Windows OSs, while most older editions were left out, even though some of them were good like 98, while some were not as good, like ME.

By Simon